Moving Tips

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  • Make arrangements for children and pets on move day.
  • Reserve a parking spot sufficient for the moving truck if you live in an apt.
  • Move paint, liquor, and any other hazardous or flammable materials in a personal vehicle.
  • Drain all fluids from lawn equipment and other power tools being moved prior to the crew’s arrival.
  • Empty refrigerators and upright freezers.
  • Have all electronics unplugged. Label cords and pack them away.
  • All beds should be free of sheets and linens. We suggest the use of mattress bags.
  • Have zip-lock bags and a sharpie handy for all furniture hardware.
  • Designate a move facilitator who knows where the furniture and boxes should be placed to prevent items being moved twice.
  • The crew should follow you from location to location.
  • All big glass must be wrapped and packed properly.
  • Pictures and wall hangings should be boxed in mirror boxes.
  • If you have a flat screen tv and do not have the box for it, please let us know ahead and we can bring boxes.